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Meet the Pharmacists

Danny Tanton

Danny Tanton graduated from the University of Georgia in 1977. He has been serving the St. Augustine community for over 20 years.  He has been an owner of pharmacies in St Augustine since 1990.   

Joe Burghardt

Joe Burghardt is a 1978 graduate of the University of Rhode Island.  In addition to his  pharmacy degree, he also has a Master's in Business Administration.  Prior to owning Flagler Community Pharmacy, Joe was employed by the Baptist Health System in Jacksonville and was responsible for running their outpatient pharmacy network from 1991 through 2001.  He also has had work experiences in Hospital Administration, Hospital Pharmacy, and the pharmaceutical industry prior to his retail pharmacy involvement.


We offer a full service pharmacy experience, including the compounding of special medications and finding those rare drugs and supplies that other pharmacies are unable to obtain, particularly injectable drugs. 

We offer free delivery of prescriptions to the entire St Johns County area.  

We guarantee the lowest price on all prescriptions and meet all of the discount formulary prices from any chain store in our area.  Many generic medications can be filled at a price range from $4.00 to $19.00.  

We are able to fill your prescriptions in a timely manner, usually within 10 minutes or less.

We are now offering a free "Med-Pack" service which involves packaging your medications in a daily reminder container.  You never have to wonder again if a dose was missed!  This is a very popular service for the elderly patients who are living by themselves and helps them to remember to take their medications

We take all Third Party Insurance Plans, including Express Scripts, Avmed, Medco, Medicaid and Cigna.

We are involved in every Medicare D Plan and can help you with enrollment information for these.

We can bill your Medicare for Diabetic Supplies and Nebulizer Medications with little or no Co-Pay.

Pharmacy Notes

How safe is your medicine cabinet? Medications and other health and beauty aids lose their potency over time, and can even cause harm if used after the expiration date. Make a point of going through you medicine cabinet regularly to remove any expired items. Health Tip: Be sure to drink plenty of water. Your body needs six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. Don't wait until you feel thirsty to take a sip; you'll need the water long before you feel it.

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